What quick care to apply in case of burns

Burns are often common depending on their degree. When you have a victim, it is important to administer first aid as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse. There are first aid measures that you should know about depending on the type of burn. We will tell you what they are in this article.

First degree burns

The treatments are not necessarily the same. They can vary depending on the severity of the situation. To assess the severity, you need to consider the parts of the body affected, the extent of the burns and the age of the victim.

When you notice pain, swelling or redness in the affected area, you are dealing with a first degree burn. In this case, there is a so-called 3-15 rule that is applied. Put the affected area under cool water at 15 degrees, under a tap at a distance of 15 cm, for 15 minutes. The coolness has the effect of reducing the heat.

Second degree burns

In addition to the various symptoms of a first-degree burn, blisters form on the area. Here too, it is advisable to apply the 3-15 rule. A sterile, moderately moist dressing should be applied to the area. Finally, you should call for help or see a doctor.

Third degree burns

When you have a third degree burn, the skin takes on an unusual colour and becomes increasingly stiff. Deep tissues and organs are affected or exposed. Sometimes the victim may not feel any particular pain if the nerves are affected. The first thing to do with this type of burn is to call for help quickly. While waiting for them to arrive, apply the different solutions recommended above.

Assessing the severity of burns

It is not easy to assess the extent and severity of burns. Depending on the organs and parts of the body affected, you can determine the severity and type of burns you see. The appearance of the skin is not always enough to determine the severity. If more than 75% of the victim's body is affected by a first-degree burn, it becomes a major burn and help should be called immediately. When it comes to burns, each part of the body determines a certain percentage that you need to know.


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